This Weekend! Jam With Parajet

Memorial Day Weekend, May 38-20, 2016: Join us this weekend for 3 days of highly-concentrated flying fellowship. Representatives of ParaJet, the world’s most quality paramotor company, will be on-site with a trailer full of demo equipment. Qualified powered paragliding pilots are invited to take flight on the industry’s latest and greatest technology. Interested spectators are more than welcome to come witness the action!


No motor license? No problem… Morningside will make available a variety of demo harnesses and wings to free flight pilots. Try brands like Skywalk, Woody Valley and Advance on the paragliding side and Wills Wing and Moyes on the hang gliding side. All used and demo equipment will be marked down during the course of the weekend. For information on specific items in the school’s inventory, please contact us by phone or email.

What’s more, THERE WILL BE A COOKOUT SATURDAY EVENING, MAY 28th! Pilots and non-pilots should convene at the picnic area outside the Pro Shop around 6 PM to indulge in a collection of savory eats. The chef will be excepting small donations in an attempt to fund a new grill for the park.

AND REMEMBER: Superman Zip-Line Canopy Tours are $20 OFF every weekday. That includes this coming Monday, Memorial Day, May 30th. Bring the whole family for a memorable holiday away from work and school!

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Glen. We require a pilot to hold a motor license in order to fly from our property. We know they aren’t mandatory otherwise.

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