Mountain Top Zip Line Tour

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45 min - 1 hrs // 5 Zip Lines - 2 Suspension Bridges

Morningside Flight Park
Charlestown, NH

Fly through the tree tops like a bird!

Begin from the top of Morningside Mountain with a vista of the Connecticut River Valley where hang gliders have been flying since 1974. As you fly through the trees from platform to platform, you’ll become immersed in our local flora and wildlife habitat.  Our course is designed so almost everyone can do it.

The Mountain Top Zip Line Tour consists of 4 zip lines (2 are about the length of a football field) and includes a fifth zip that takes you back to the ground, plus two suspension bridges, one of which is in the tree tops over 50′ above the ground.

Our course is an ACCT Certified Course and is designed with 2 cables for redundancy.

Our Zip Line is located in Charlestown, New Hampshire and is perfect for groups or families looking for a day trip or weekend trip from the Boston, Hartford, or the New York areas.

Max. weight = 230 lbs., min. weight = 75lbs.

Clothing recommendations:

  • Comfortable clothing appropriate to the weather and activity.  Loose clothing should be avoided.
  • Closed toed shoes with a heel strap at minimum
  • Long hair should be tied back and any loose/dangle jewelry should be removed

Physical demands:

  • The tour is designed to require minimal physical exertion
  • All visitors should be in good physical health and possess average mobility and strength
  • Visitors should be able to comfortably hold both hands overhead
  • Visitors should be able to climb steps
  • Children must be able to complete tour independent of adult
  • Pregnant women should not participate
  • Other medical conditions that may preclude participation:
    • Heart conditions
    • Back injuries
    • Conditions whose onset requires immediate medical attention
    • Other conditions, illnesses and injuries that may make participation unsafe
  • Visitors must be able to hear verbal directions from a reasonable distance

General Considerations

  • Visitors cannot be under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, and/or impairing legal drugs
  • Management reserves the right to cancel tours at their discretion due to weather or other adverse circumstances.
  • Refunds are not given due to weather cancellations
  • No cameras allowed on tour
  • Tour times can change through out season please call for current schedules
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