What is the current legal situation regarding online gambling in Austria?

But what about the demand that online gambling should be banned in Austria? There is at least something to this statement. Not all online gambling in Austria should be banned, but only a part of it. The best online casinos from Austria, such as the casino Win2Day, remain for all Austrians and here you can still play slot machines, place sports bets or secure a casino bonus.

The rumor that online gambling is to be banned refers only to foreign online casinos. So those casinos that do not have a valid Austrian, but only a European license. As already mentioned, the Austrian Gambling Act clearly states that foreign providers are not allowed to offer their games in Austria. Because there is simply a lack of licenses here. However, Austrian players still have the opportunity to access the respective provider via the Internet. An attempt is now being made to set so-called GEO / IP blocks so that foreign providers can no longer offer their services in Austria. Therefore, not all gambling should be banned in Austria, but only foreign providers.

In general, gambling is allowed in Austria from the age of 18. In other words: only persons who have reached the age of 18 are allowed to play in the online casino. In addition, no one is allowed to play in online casinos that have blocked themselves and are therefore on a blocked list.

The best online casinos: the final verdict
Gambling online to win real money should be fun and exciting.

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Best Online Gambling for Real Money

Online gambling in the UK has evolved into a truly sophisticated and secure environment using the best mainstream casinos and bookmakers, offering best in class online service to UK players. Since 1960 and the introduction of the Gambling and Lotteries Act in the UK, players can legally trade with betting and gambling operators in person 'off the field', allowing people who are not at events or casinos to gamble remotely.

With the establishment of the UK Gambling Commission and the passing of the Gambling Act in 2005, the industry has moved quickly to allow licensed operators in the UK to offer casino games, slot machines, sports betting, online poker, roulette and table games, as well as bingo and lotteries to the massive UK online audience. These organisations are governed by rules designed to ensure the protection of the particularly vulnerable and children, and by established government fees. This means that online casinos and online sportsmen and women in the UK have the safest, most secure and regulated online gambling environment in the world.

Montycasinos.com exists primarily to serve this market and to ensure that in a highly competitive online gambling environment, where the choices can seem endless and the differences harder to spot, we provide the most informed and up-to-date comparisons, guides and reviews that you can trust when choosing the best betting sites in the UK.


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