Powered Paragliding


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Intro to PPG
  • - $299
PPG Transitional Course
  • - $750-$1500


Proper Training and Quality Equipment make all the difference!

A Powered Paraglider is a simple machine with a complex person flying it.  The largest risk to pilots is themselves, the unknown, and the unseen. As we fly through the vast ocean of air, we must predict and calculate what is happening around us. The more aware and knowledgeable you become….the safer you are. This can be attained through either the unforgiving process of “trial and error” or through proper instruction, obtaining the necessary knowledge, and the diligence to stay current with your skills.

Bring your dreams of flight to reality!

Powered Paragliding is the most modern and accessible form of powered aviation available today!  These foot-launched aircraft can fit into a suitcase, assemble in minutes, and launch a pilot from a local field, beach, or small airstrip to thousands of feet into a vast ocean of air. Once there you can remain for hours just “riding the sky!”

Personalized human flight has been a dream for many their whole life. Unfortunately for many, the dreams of flight as children grow into the realities of being an adult, along with the cost and time that aviation can consume. It leaves too many on the ground looking up.

Morningside’s Powered Paragliding program can bring those dreams to reality for almost anyone. With the proper instruction, techniques, and equipment it’s not as expensive, hard, or as risky as you might think. With a total investment for gear and training that is a fraction of the cost of any other form of powered flying, combined with a commitment of as little as 7-12 days, you can see why PPG is fast becoming many aviation enthusiasts holy grail. Is it time for you to live your dreams?


Kitty Hawk Kites and Morningside have long been leaders in teaching the world to fly.  We’ve been making those dreams come true since 1974. Our facilities and instructors have safely introduced thousands upon thousands of pilots and enthusiasts to Hang Gliding and Paragliding since the sport’s beginnings. We are also one of the very few full-time Paramotor training schools in the US. We operate primarily from our historic flight park in Charlestown, New Hampshire.  We train 7 days a week from MAY through OCT with classes booking weekly.

Our school uses the most tested and standardized methods for safely teaching and progressing students through their first unforgettable flights! Many of our students arrive at our facility with little, if any, aviation knowledge. Our experienced and professional instructors are USPPA certified. We specialize in a systematic approach that starts at the beginning and helps make learning fun! We build only on successes and we won’t move you faster than you feel comfortable. Our instructors care deeply about helping create lifelong pilots with safe attitudes and skills.

Our complete training program graduates students who are prepared to fly solo. You will have trained with the most current equipment using the most up to date techniques.  We aim for you to take away from the program; the knowledge, skills, and strategies for safe solo flying.

Our complete facility offers full training courses, retail sales, motor repair, and support.

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