Platform Cabins


Starting at $65

  • 6 Nights - $299

1 Night

Morningside Flight Park
Charlestown, NH

Our Star Cabin includes solar powered lights and a device charger. We are hoping to add these additions to our other cabins soon!

Our tiny cabins are newer additions to the park. These little 120 sq/ft get-aways behind our world class training hill is set on a raised platform with a full sized bed, end table, solar lighting and USB charging station.  The fire pits, swimming ponds,  picnic areas, kitchen and bathhouse are just some of the amenities also available to you in your stay.

Camp out among the vast beauty and nature of the New Hampshire wilderness. Our cabins provide just enough room for two people, and can be a nice middle ground between the rigors of camping and a pricey hotel stay.

*Our cabins are situated behind our training hill and do require driving or hiking up steep and unpaved road. 4 wheel drive is not generally required. Please be aware that cabins and campsite are approximately 1000 yards from modern services such as a clean water source and toilets. Each cabin is serviced by clean chemical toilets located around the camping areas. 

**Please come prepared with flashlights, sturdy footwear and weather appropriate gear for a mountain climate including bug protection during the spring and early summer. 

***Due to COVID-19 we are currently asking guests to bring their own sheets/blankets/pillows.




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