P2 Certification




10-12 Lessons

Morningside Flight Park
Charlestown, NH

Explore the world of high-altitude soaring!

Acquiring the P1 rating is the first step in the P2 training process, so the P1 lesson package is where most paragliding students begin. However to fly higher on the hill or at other flying sites you need to have earned the next level of paragliding skills, the P2. On average, a P1 to P2 rating requires about 10-12 full flying days with an instructor to complete. Achieving your P2 rating is like graduating from paragliding school – there’s still tons left to learn about the sport, but as a P2 pilot you are knowledgeable enough to make good flying decisions without an instructor by your side. Where a P1 rating makes you an autonomous park pilot, a P2 makes you a mountain pilot ready to explore the world of high-altitude soaring. Once your P2 rating is achieved you will be free to accumulate airtime at designated paragliding sites all across the country. As you gain experience, and in turn skill, you will have the opportunity to attain more advanced ratings, which will clear you to fly in more exclusive locations.

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P2 Certification

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If you already have your P1, take the next step! As a P2 pilot you’ll have the freedom to fly from mountain sites all across the country.

10-12 Days

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