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~4 hours

The Introductory PPG lesson is a single lesson constructed to allow for a single session intensive flight experience introducing you to the many elements of Powered Paragliding. Students will fly a paraglider from our world class training slopes and use a Powered Harness in a uniquely designed simulator while discussing the processes of becoming a full fledged solo pilot.

This lesson qualifies pilots for the PPG program and is considered a prerequisite lesson as part of the entire training package. The cost of this lesson will be discounted from any of our complete training package.

It starts at 9 AM by appointment. Over 4 hours we will:

  • Attend a basic weather briefing and ground school
  • Learn to launch, fly and land a paraglider
  • Make repetitive non-powered paragliding flights attaining altitudes over 50ft
  • Try on a selection of motor units and run them in our simulator
  • Familiarize you with the Facility, Gear, Terminology, Training Equipment and Processes.

All equipment is included with this lesson.

The introductory lesson cost can be rolled into our other training and counts as a partial day of the complete program.

Cost $299

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