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The Flight Park operates May through October. All Hang gliding, Paragliding, and Powered Paragliding activity, including kiting in the LZ, is prohibited without express permission and Flight Park Managers on site.

Thank you in advance for respecting our facility and all of the support our customers have given the park over the years. 

All prices are subject to change. Please contact us for availability.

Visiting Pilots must check in with the Flight Park manager or Flight Director daily.  Be sure to sign in at the front desk and have your waiver on file for each season. Morningside is a USHPA and PASA certified school.  All pilots not enrolled in instruction must hold a current USHPA H1/P1 or higher.
  • Daily Flying Fee – $25
  • Solo Aerotow – $25 per tow (2,500 feet)
  • Glider Storage – $20 per month
  • Rated Pilot Gift Certificates
  • Glider Annual/Repair – $250 (base price)
    • Hourly repair – $30
  • Season Pass – $349 per seasonal year (includes daily flying fees & camping for 1 person)
  • $35 for 10-ride card
  • $5 for single rides
  • Ride Card Gift Certificate packages

Purchase RIDE CARD

  • Glider – $20 per/hr or
    • Demo Glider Flight – $20 (any more than one flight becomes a day rental)
    • WW Alpha – $60 day rental
    • WW Falcon – $65 day rental
    • WW Sport 2C 135 – $20 one flight then $100 rental
    • Moyes Gecko – $20 one flight then $105 rental
  • Training Harness/Helmet – $10
  • Aero-tow Bridles and Release – $4.00

Camping (bring your own tent)

  • $15 per person per night (kids 12 and under are free!)

Platform Cabins

Platform Tents

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