Weekend Intro Hang Gliding Lessons


$475 - save $25


2 days

Morningside Flight Park
Charlestown, NH

Looking for even more hang gliding experience?

This two-lesson course is for our visitors who want more experience in the air. Instruction is aimed at developing safe, correct technique through repeated practice flights from the training slope. Proper takeoffs, relaxed flying style, and good stand-up landings are the goals for fledgling flyers. An instructor will be there to assist you every step of the way.

Lessons begin at 9 am and last 4 hours each day.  This package is 2 lesson days or 6 hours of instruction.  This package does not have to be reserved during a weekend – it simply might takes two days or more to complete.   If weather or any other factors do not allow completion of both lessons they can be rescheduled for another day and it does not have to be a weekend day.  If you get hooked and want to continue toward your certification it is also possible to upgrade this package to any of the larger advanced training packages.

Weekend Intro Hang Gliding Course

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This package is for students that want more flight experience. Though the package is called the “Weekend Package”, it can be scheduled for any two days.

  • Ground School
  • Setup
  • Preflight
  • Primary Training
  • First Flights
  • Simulation
  • Takeoff & Landing
  • Level Ground Training
  • Slope Training
  • Directional Control
  • Airspeed Awareness
  • Hang Checks
  • Flight Safety
  • Weather Conditions

2 Days // 2 Hill Lessons

$475 ($25 savings)



Call (603) 542-4416 to Reserve over the phone.


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