Flight Blog Season 2, Ep: 1

By Gisele Dierks Happy Summer! Flying is in full swing here at the park, and we are building back after some tough times here at the park. New Management After over a decade of commitment here at the park, Heath has moved on to other projects. This means Mike Holmes and I are now co-managing! … Continued

Flight Blog Ep: 11

By Gisele Dierks Hello all! Happy Holidays! Morningside has had several days in the snow now! The park this time of year is always eerily quiet, as we settle in for hibernation until spring!  Gift giving time is almost here, which means gift buying time is in full swing… I’ve been busy on the phones … Continued

Flight Blog: Ep 10

By Gisele Dierks Hi all, My sincere apologies for the long pause. As most of you have probably heard, there was an accident at the park this summer, resulting in the death of our longtime friend and pilot, “Wallaby” Paul. In 2021 we also lost Chris Starbuck, Mikey Barber, and now Brooks Ellison as well. … Continued

Flight Blog: Ep 9

By Gisele Dierks Happy July! Tropical Storm Elsa is giving us some good computer weather. Holiday Recap The Fourth was with us this past weekend! Saturday was pretty quiet, but the weather got better as the weekend progressed. Sunday we feasted on steaks, burgers, sausages, corn, rice, salads, ice cream, etc… Just as we finished … Continued

Flight Blog: Ep 8

By Gisele Dierks Hi All! I’m super late on this… I was waiting for inspiration to hit and a short trip to California might have delayed me as well! Tree Rescue Clinic Recap I learned so much at our Tree Rescue Clinic! In case you missed it, you will want to attend the next one! … Continued

Flight Blog: Ep 7

By Gisele Dierks Hello pilots and friends, Thank you all so much for coming by last weekend! TREE RESCUE CLINIC This Saturday/Sunday! It will be the same module on both days, so just sign up for whichever works best! Even if you aren’t at a point in your flying where you are flying around trees, the … Continued

Flight Blog: EP 6

By Gisele Dierks Happy June! COOK OUT I hope this is the last time I will say this, but we did decide last Saturday morning to postpone our cook out again! It was rainy and cold, and this weekend is looking much better! Peach cobbler, roast, and beer bread etc will be reappearing! I already … Continued

Flight Blog: EP 5

By Gisele Dierks Happy Thursday once again! COOK OUT SATURDAY It’s finally happening: our big celebration of thanks for Joel and his family is this weekend. Burgers, peach cobbler, roast, beer bread, and salad etc. shall abound! Plan to arrive around five. If you can’t make it this Saturday, we are going to start hosting … Continued

Flight Blog: Ep 4

By Gisele Dierks Happy Thursday! COOK OUT DELAYED!! Due to the forecast for this weekend,  and our strong desire to make this a big event, we have decided to wait until next weekend to do Joel’s honorary cookout! So plan to come Memorial Day weekend to celebrate! We will feast Saturday, May 29 around 5 PM.  Flying, … Continued

Flight Blog: Ep 3

By Gisele Dierks Hi all, Thanks again for your support as I get this thing off the ground…*ba-dum tss* COOK OUT NEXT SATURDAY! It is shaping up to be a good year. We are spending these first few weeks before the weather stabilizes focusing on sprucing up the park. Joel Wadleigh just redid the gravel … Continued

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