Flight Blog Season 2, Ep: 1

By Gisele Dierks

Happy Summer!

Flying is in full swing here at the park, and we are building back after some tough times here at the park.Hang gliders on the 150' launch

New Management

After over a decade of commitment here at the park, Heath has moved on to other projects. This means Mike Holmes and I are now co-managing! We are focused on nurturing a fun and positive community here, and we are so grateful for the support we have received thus far as we work through this transition. Mike is here all the time and I’m back from school until the fall, where I’ll be remote/commuting for one last year at Bennington.  We have had several great soaring days here with the ridge full of gliders!


Our new instructors Torey Scaring and Bill Gottling are getting into the flow of teaching here, and our schedules are now open! For those who are unfamiliar, Bill has been flying hang gliders and paragliders at Morningside for years.  Torey has previously instructed in New Zealand, and is clearly passionate and dedicated to sharing the sport with whoever he can. Both are very excited to continue to uphold the renowned Morningside standards. From what I’ve seen so far, I believe they will make an excellent team. 


The tug plane is soon to return from down south! We are hoping to have aerotowing and tandems up and running soon. However, we are in search of a tandem pilot to join our team.

Hang Gliding

Bobby Hastings is here teaching, and we have a nice group of students this spring! Our winter hang glider orders have been arriving, all brightly colored and beautiful. Lastly, I am excited to get bragging rights for the first HG flight off the hill this year.

All that being said, please come fly, grill, and camp with us! We are so excited to enjoy the beauty and magic of this special place with everyone, especially in the midst of all that is going on in the world right now.

As always, please email me your questions, comments, and stories at gigi@flymorningside.com, and have an excellent week!


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