Fall Foliage at Morningside in New Hampshire


Every autumn across the United States, nature puts on a dazzling show of color as the leaves transform, showing their rich and vibrant hues from bright yellows to scorching reds. The foliage season begins early September in the Northeast and the already incredible hang gliding, tandem hang gliding, paragliding and zip lining adventures available at Morningside Flight Park become even more exciting and special.

If you’ve never soared 2,000 feet above the tree line in a tandem hang glider or zip lined through the breathtaking Connecticut River valley forest of maples, oaks and pines, then you’ve been missing out on a few of the best ways to enjoy New Hampshire’s fall foliage season!

Tandem Hang Gliding

Come join us for a tandem flight and enjoy the splendor of the Connecticut River Valley from the air. This is a great way to experience high altitude hang gliding. First, a professional tandem flight instructor will give you an overview of the flight to come. The two of you are then hooked into our special tandem hang glider side by side.

Intro Hang Gliding Lessons

This 4 hour introductory course begins with a presentation of history, flight principles, and safety considerations relevant to learning hang gliding. You’ll then practice launching on flat ground before gradually moving up the training hill for your first flights.

Zip Line Canopy Tours

Fly through the tree tops like a bird, through the beautiful Connecticut River valley forest of maples, oaks, and pines. Begin from the top of Morningside Mountain with a vista of the Connecticut River Valley where hang gliders have been flying since 1974. As you fly through the trees from platform to platform, you see, chipmunks, wild turkeys, and other wild life. Our course is designed so almost everyone can do it.

Paragliding Lessons

Paragliding is another pure and versatile mode of free flight. The paragliding wing (or canopy) is similar in form to a modern square-shaped parachute but allows for higher glide performance. Officially a parafoil, the wing’s design allows incoming air to pass through the structure’s leading edge, which keeps it inflated and maintains its shape.

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