Mountain Preparation Clinic

When: May 30 & May 31 10 AM

Where: Morningside FP

Prerequisite: H1 or P1 or higher

Cost: $25 in advance $30 day of clinic


It’s been a long winter and now that the XC season is in full swing, the mountains are calling to all of us.

While springtime in the northeast often provides strong conditions and big air, not all of us are ready to

go for 100 km. However, the sun is up early, it goes down late and opportunities for flying are there for

those who are prepared.

This one day clinic is designed to prepare you for your first mountain flight whether it has been awhile

or it is your very first time. Pilots of all abilities are welcome to attend.

Topics Include:

 Getting Legal

 Site Selection and Rules

 Essential Gear list

 Weather to Fly

 Travel Logistics

 Constructing a Flight Plan

 Launch Etiquette

 Flying Etiquette

 Bailouts and Contingencies

 Being an Ambassador

After the classroom portion of the clinic we will facilitate simulated mountain flights from the

hill to help prepare pilots for gearing up and flying will all that they have learned.

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  1. I can attend Saturday all day and Sunday am only.
    If that’s ok book me.

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