Flight Blog: EP 5

By Gisele Dierks

Happy Thursday once again!


It’s finally happening: our big celebration of thanks for Joel and his family is this weekend. Burgers, peach cobbler, roast, beer bread, and salad etc. shall abound! Plan to arrive around five.

If you can’t make it this Saturday, we are going to start hosting Friday night fires (or perhaps Saturday?). Please comment your preference below or let us know. We wanted to do this last year, but with COVID it didn’t really pan out. The idea would be to create a space for more established pilots in the community to talk to newer student pilots. Once pilots finish with our programs it can be a bit of a jump to then going out in the flying community. We want to give our students an opportunity to talk to other pilots in the community and make some connections before their first day at another launch. 


Bryan pursuing a higher education

There is a Boston Area Morningside Pilot Page on Facebook. We have a lot of students who have trouble getting back and forth to lessons without renting cars. It would be great to create a rideshare network to make “a higher education” more accessible to all. It is a bit confusing but you just have to look under visitor posts to find the conversations.

Speaking of new pilots and higher educations… one of our students from last summer came to visit us in the coolest way last week! Bryan Lantz launched his paramotor from a field near his house, landed here, then flew back home! Here is a photo of his flight.

Rusty Dusty No More!

Just like that we are almost through with our first month open! Fire permits are filed, gliders are out, and the grills are open! The crew here is starting to get back into our rhythm as the summer starts to get busy! If you haven’t seen it yet, come check out our new coat of paint on the hangar and take a hike up the road. It held up to yesterday’s storm very well (granted we did not get much rain).

I’ll leave it at that for this week but thanks again for your continued interest and support!

See you Saturday!


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    1. I’m so glad and thank you for writing that… it is a bit weird to write to the abyss of the internet even about something I know and love!

  1. Please keep on writing. Although it sounds like an abyss, we are enjoying the blog.

    Also the Friday (or Saturday) night fire sounds great! I am ok with either 😀

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