Flight Blog: Ep 3

By Gisele Dierks

Hi all,

Thanks again for your support as I get this thing off the ground…*ba-dum tss*


It is shaping up to be a good year. We are spending these first few weeks before the weather stabilizes focusing on sprucing up the park. Joel Wadleigh just redid the gravel section of road heading up to the 150’and it looks pretty snazzy for those of us who have bottomed out on previous potholes. He has also been helping us out with some serious mowing action.

Anyone who knows Joel knows he has a very full schedule; we seriously appreciate the time and energy he has given to Morningside. Sooo… we are going to have a party to celebrate! 

Nothing too wild, just a good ole’ Morningside cookout in honor of Joel and his father Mel. There should be plenty of food but feel free to bring something of your own if you would like. All are welcome! We have plenty of disposable (and reusable) plates and cutlery, and a few decades’ worth of serving spoons.

Plan to arrive Saturday, May 22 (2021) by 5 pm

Camp Rob ?

If the weather is looking good, perhaps we can have a fire up at Camp Rob.  Joel and I have been looking for such an excuse… what better excuse than this? With all the spring pruning and cutting, I think we will have some material to burn.

It Takes a Village

We have plenty of acreage on the sky and the ground with which to social distance. Without rushing, I think this will be a good event to get back in the swing of things from days before. We got our first tows in yesterday and our first tandems in today! Spring glider and harness orders are starting to trickle in. Our first glider annuals are done and the repair shop is ready to go! After such a long 2020, we are all looking forward to a great season… we’d love to have you here to be a part of it. The Morningside magic is most apparent when we are all here to share it.

We’ve still got a few spots left for campers, and plenty of other accommodations for a shorter term visit. If we get blessed with good flying weather, maybe there will be some flying competitions? Longest to stay up after tow? Farthest XC? First Ascutney Milk Run? Highest above launch? The possibilities are endless!

SO… RSVP (or don’t) but COME SEE US!

Also, do me a favor

and think of all the 18-30+ year olds in your life… would they want to learn to fly? Are they looking for something to do after COVID changed all of their plans? Maybe they can learn to teach hang gliding down at Kitty Hawk? I have met so many awesome people through the Kitty Hawk dune school- it seems to be an important way to get people interested in flying, which can’t be all that bad. SO many people my age don’t think they could ever do this, when really there are not so many barriers as one might think.  While I doubt such an engagement will get you mentioned in Forbes, it is certainly a once in a lifetime experience that you will carry with you wherever you go (and who knows… life has a funny way of surprising us).

I get the impression that a people who have spent time at Morningside may not love the approach from  down south, but the bigger thing we may want to focus on here is that we all love flying and we should be excited about other people who love it, in any form (within reason).

That’s all for now, folks! Hope to see you soon.

4 responses to “Flight Blog: Ep 3

  1. Joel is the best friend Morningside could ever have. He’s much appreciated and always makes the place look tip top !

  2. Hey Gisele, hope you had a good winter! looking forward to getting to MSFP soon, hopefully next weekend!

  3. In the seventies the average age of a hang glider pilot was around 18-24, but now it seems closer to 50. Anything we can do to attract young people is a good thing.

  4. Thanks Richard, I so agree! That is an interesting perspective I haven’t really considered before not having been alive then.

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