Vintage Video of Glide Ratio Contest

I had a great trip down Morningside Memory Lane when I stumbled across these old videos on YouTube:
Early morning dew and wacky landings, good times! I’ll see you guys soon to fly some more!

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  1. I am the guy in the first vintage video with yellow harness and red Sensor. I competed five times and it was FUN coming in fourth one year.

    Would like to come see you guys and have you help me with a few hang gliding things. please call me at:


  2. Is this the site where I would read about Hang-Gliders doing Glide Contests back in the 80’s?

    I was just wondering about where the Glide Contest was held? If anyone could Tell me about this Glide Comp subject, it would be Great!

    Ok, Good By Chris McKeon



    1. Hi Chris,

      It is! We are. We still have the occasional glide angle competition. Planning one for Columbus Day weekend if you’re in the area. Hope to see you!

    2. Thanks for the memories!!

      By the way, I am in both videos… am the first to take off : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bKgfNm27rI and in this video I land at the four minute mark: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99OqD1GUfuw&feature=relmfu

      My glider was a red Sensor 510 and my harness is yellow. Those glide contests were a lot of fun and we took them so seriously…lol. My best year, I came in fourth on an six year old glider flying against the top three on very new gliders. What this says is that the takeoff and landing technique maters as much as the glide ratio of the glider. Example; If a glider gets a 10 to 1 and you loose just five feet on takeoff – out in the landing area you will be short by about 50 feet… Today I fly a WW T2 154…it’s a fantastic glider!!!

      Best regards,

      Mark C. Clark

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