Powered Paragliding

Proper Training and Quality Equipment make all the difference!

A Powered Paraglider is a simple machine with a complex person flying it.  The largest risk to pilots is themselves, the unknown and the unseen. As we fly through the vast ocean of air, we must predict and calculate what is happening around us. The more aware and knowledgeable you become….the safer you are. This can be attained through either the unforgiving process of “trial and error” or through proper instruction, obtaining the necessary knowledge and the diligence to stay current with your skills.

Want to learn more?


Morningside teaches foot launch Powered Paragliding with an emphasis on creating safe pilots who can enjoy the sport for many years.

We have a few options for instruction:

  • Introductory Lessons (~4 hours)
  • A PPG Canopy Foundation Course (5 half day lessons)
  • A PPG Camp Program for Beginners (6 full days)
  • Transition Program for Rated Paraglider Pilots  (2 Days)
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