Quick Recap: 2015 Columbus Day Fly-In

The consensus Sunday morning was that the previous night’s fireworks were particularly mind-blowing. We’d be remiss not to admit that they wouldn’t have been possible without Rob Jacobs. For decades he and his wife Sandy have been ambassadors of a “wicked good time.” So much so that this past weekend, as a small token of our appreciation, we presented the two of them with a plaque embossed with those very words.

photo 1

That was one of many memorable moments at Morningside during our 41st annual Columbus Day Fly-In. Of all of them, none surpassed the union of Marlin and Faith Stevenson, two long-time free-flying locals.


The forecast was bleak heading into the weekend. That the weather seemed to improve as soon as their wedding began made the ceremony extra enchanting. Three straight sunny, light-wind afternoons ensued, enabling pilots to do more flying than they imagined they would. According to most of them, there was love in the air.


And then there was food. After Saturday’s catered wedding reception – and before the late-night fajitas – there were ribs. Few were surprised to witness the winning performance by Ilya Rivkin in this year’s rib-off championship. Nor were they surprised to witness the extraordinary fireworks display that followed. Congratulations to Ilya on your victory, Marlin and Faith on your beautiful marriage, and thank you Rob and Sandy for stunning audiences and fostering yet another unforgettable time.


We called it a “year-end” celebration, but that doesn’t mean the season is over. Don’t hesitate to stop by the park anytime between now and November 1st. More information on a potential Halloween party will come. In the meantime, enjoy these photos from Columbus Day 2015. If you have any to add to the gallery, please send them to us at flymorningside@gmail.com.

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