Parachute Clinic & Dinner This Saturday

It’s September! One month closer to October and our (soon-to-be-world-) famous Columbus Day Fly-In and end-of-season party. If you had anything to do with last year’s 40th anniversary fly-in, you know this is an event you do not want to miss.

We have the renowned Rob Jacobs to thank for making our 40th anniversary spectacular. In an attempt to make this year’s event even close to as memorable as the last one, we need your help. We’ll be launching a few fundraising initiatives over the next few weeks as a result. The more participation we can garner from the community, the bigger and better Columbus Day weekend will be.

Our first fundraiser is happening this coming weekend. We’re offering a beef brisket dinner in conjunction with a reserve parachute repack clinic on Saturday, September 5, 2015. We’re asking for minimum donations of $15 from all who want to take part in the consumption of local pilot Dave Park’s special recipe. All proceeds will go to bolstering our Columbus Day event. Please mark your calendars! Dinner starts at 7:00 PM.

The reserve clinic will consist of discussions about scenarios that merit deployment, how to deploy (including an opportunity to throw your own chute in our simulator), reacting to a failed deployment and preparing for impact. Cost is $75 and includes a fresh repack (which should be done every 6 months). This clinic starts at 1:00 PM.

To RSVP for one or both of these offerings, please give us a call at the school. We hope to see you this weekend!

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