Hang II / Para II Night

Hang 2 Para 2 Night

Rob is hosting  hosting a H2/P2 night at the campfire this Saturday (8/25) , so if you recently got your rating, or even not so recently, come mingle with more advanced pilots, help with wing decisions, join the VHGA , and we’ll hook you up with local observers so you can move on up. Discuss tow ratings, our local sites, and the local customs.

He will be brewing up a vat of his famous french onion soup as things cool off, and pilots and friends heat up as the evening wanes on!

The fly-O-Tron movie screen will be up and running, muzak, mayhem and fun!

ALL pilots, non-pilots and friends are welcome…Bring along a chair, A tent, a nice piece of firewood, and a bag of ice is always welcome with open arms. See if we can’t get the popcorn machine going!

The weekend forecast appears to be PERFECT !

Fly safe, fly often!

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