Flight Blog: EP 6

By Gisele Dierks

Happy June!


I hope this is the last time I will say this, but we did decide last Saturday morning to postpone our cook out again! It was rainy and cold, and this weekend is looking much better! Peach cobbler, roast, and beer bread etc will be reappearing! I already bought the ice cream. We’re still on for five. Feel free to bring your own creation or some sticks for the fire. We got a good start on mowing the 250′ today (Thank you, Joel) and the 450′ is looking nice as well. Let’s celebrate!


Join us June 12 and 13th for our first clinic of the year! Fun fact: there are a lot of trees in New England. Consider learning how to avoid them, and how best to deal with them if you or another pilot ends up in them. It’s one of those things… it is better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it! There will be a classroom portion and a simulation to give you a better visual of what to expect. This will be helpful for both hang glider and paraglider pilots! Check out our events page for more information and persuasive language. Please register in advance if you can so we can prepare! Likely there will be some sort of festivities Saturday night. We are also going to post some more updates as far as weekly campfires and upcoming clinics… (yes… there will be more…)

In Other News…

There is no other news. It has been rainy, cold and windy and we have been working on our laundry list here. Come see us this weekend so that I can regale you with stories next Thursday. Don’t forget to check out that rideshare page if you live in/near Boston!

Thanks for reading.

See you this Saturday!


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