life long dream,,, and voila !

who knew it would be so simple to fulfill a dream of a lifetime.a little on line research, an email or two, a phone call, and next thing you know i’m 2,500 ft in the air with a view that dwarfted the empire state buildings wich i experienced the week before. when you get to mourningside and hang around the pro shop observing what goes on there,,, the sales & service , the hillside lessons, the tandem flights, people setting up their gliders,etc,etc. its a laid back enviornment yet very professional, and you definately get that safety first vibe (wich made me feel very at ease ). the grounds and the equiptment look in great shape,,, the place couldn’t be more inviting.lets not forget the staff,,,the phrase “seasoned vets ” comes to mind,these guys aim to please, knowledgable and patient. you,ve got questions,,,they’ve got the answers, it all seemed like a very smooth running operation. my tandem flight was sooo enjoyable and i will be returning soon for hillside lessons. can’t wait ! c ya soon & keep up the good work guys ! later marcel

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