21st Birthday

It has been a long while since I went to your amazing hillside. 6 years now. It was my 21st birthday and my girlfriend got me the one gift that I remember better than anything in my life, a chance to fly 0(^_^)0.

I have been obsessed with the idea of flying since I was little, I always said that I had been born a human just so that I could be envious of the birds, I should have been born a hawk. I have wished and dreamed of the day that I would stretch out my wings and fly away leaving the world behind. On my 21st birthday it happened. We came for a single tandem flight, we stayed camped out for the weekend and took introductory lessons in addition to the wonderful tandem flight. I was speechless after landing no matter how many questions my girlfriend asked me I couldn’t bring my voice to my lips. The most wonderful thing had just happened and I was still hanging on to the feeling. It was like nothing I can remember feeling in my life. I needed more of it so I convinced her to camp out for the weekend.

During lessons I remember running like a demon down the hill just trying to catch some lift, I still feel chagrin at having almost taken the head off of a para-shooter on the ground because I couldn’t stop, luckily he saw me and ducked. To this day I still dream of flying with my own hang glider.

My 27th birthday has just passed and for it my father has agreed to let me take an introductory pilot lesson in Boston. I can only hope that my experience flying a plane can come close to the feeling of flying with wings on my back. Love to hear from you guys after all this time. Keep flying high guys if I ever get some money I will be back. Just know I dream of what you guys live.

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