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Starting at $249

Lesson Rates
  • Intro Lesson - $249
Package Rates
  • Foundation Canopy Course - $999
  • Camp - $3500

Morningside teaches foot launch Powered Paragliding with an emphasis on creating safe pilots who can enjoy the sport for many years.

We have a few options for instruction:

  • Introductory Lessons (~4 hours)
  • A PPG Canopy Foundation Course (5 half day lessons)
  • A PPG Camp Program for Beginners (6 full days)
  • Transition Program for Rated Paraglider Pilots  (2 Days)

There are some descriptions of the training below, but if you’re unsure, please feel free to start a dialog with our team by filling out the form below:

Intro to PPG Lesson


~4 hours

The Introductory PPG lesson is a single lesson constructed to allow for a single session intensive flight experience introducing you to the many elements of Powered Paragliding. Students will fly a paraglider from our world class training slopes and use a Powered Harness in a uniquely designed simulator while discussing the processes of becoming a full fledged solo pilot.

This lesson qualifies pilots for the PPG program and is considered a prerequisite lesson as part of the entire training package. The cost of this lesson will be discounted from any of our complete training package.

It starts at 9 AM by appointment. Over 4 hours we will:

  • Attend a basic weather briefing and ground school
  • Learn to launch, fly and land a paraglider
  • Make repetitive non-powered paragliding flights attaining altitudes over 50ft
  • Try on a selection of motor units and run them in our simulator
  • Familiarize you with the Facility, Gear, Terminology, Training Equipment and Processes.

All equipment is included with this lesson.

The introductory lesson cost can be rolled into our other training and counts as a partial day of the complete program.

Cost $249


PPG Canopy Foundation Course (new 2020)


5 half-day lessons

Fundamental to Powered Paragliding is the development of the skills required to maneuver and fly the wing or “Canopy” regardless of  if the motor is running. Our 5 Day Canopy course helps pilots focus on these necessary skills before committing to full motor program and provides the foundation to maximize the motor training.  Utilizing our amazing training slopes and facility, students enrolled in the Canopy course will learn techniques to layout, launch, fly, land and kite their paragliders with precision. Simulated throttle work, full PPG simulator access and video analysis are just part of this exciting new syllabus based on the USPPA’s PPG2 training platform. This program is a precursor but not a prerequisite for the complete PPG training program.

All equipment is included with this course.

The introductory PPG lesson cost can be rolled into this course.

Cost $999

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PPG Camp Program for Beginners

Intensive 6 full-day lessons

This course is an intensive training program that expounds on the USPPA requirements for PPG2 training or Solo Flying. No previous flying experience is required. Graduates of this program will have the skills and training to fly solo and test for their PPG2 Rating. This comprehensive program requires a Minimum of 6 consecutive days of attendance at our school and includes 40 flights* on our equipment.  Students will take part in several structured step by step modules while following along and documenting their progression in our workbook.  All equipment is provided for this course**

* 40 Flights refers to the total typical number of flights attained during a course. Approx ~15 of these flights are solo powered.

**To attend this course, perspective students should be in decent physical shape with the ability to Jog / Run with ~50 lbs on their back for 40 yard intervals. Your stamina and strength should also allow for jumping off of a height of 12-18 inches with the same 50 pounds, a few times a day.

Students will be provided use of the following equipment for up to 40 flights (~15 solo powered) during enrollment in the program:

  • Wing
  • Motor Unit
  • Reserve Parachute 
  • Radio 
  • Helmet with Comm
  • Fuel 

Cost:  $3500*



Transitional Course for PG Pilots  (2 Days)

This course provides a step by step process to transition from PG to PPG. Even for the most skilled canopy pilots… transitioning to powered flights consists of much more than just putting on the Paramotor and taking to the sky. During this intensive course…….pilots will learn to launch and land a PPG while learning the about the different aspects of these aircraft as well as the steps to take to maintain the motor units.

Course Completion provides an opportunity to obtain USPPA PPG1 Rating

This course provides all the required equipment and culminates with 5 flights.

Cost:   $750-$1500

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