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Pilot Packages
  • H1 :: 6 lessons - $999
  • H2 :: 10-12 Lessons - $1750

Become a Certified Hang Glider Pilot!

Hang 1: 
Take part in a comprehensive Hang Gliding Course consisting of 6 full lessons (4 hours each). This course contains the classroom and flight training needed to acquire the skills toward your beginner certification, or H1. Upon completion, students will have developed an understanding of how, when and where to fly hang-gliders as entry-level pilots. This lesson package does not intend to qualify the student to launch from mountains, but it is a necessary step in his or her pursuit of altitude. The H1 rating proves that a new pilot has a basic understanding of hang-gliding and an ability to make safe flying decisions as he or she becomes more skilled, and therefore more autonomous. A H1 pilot is also considered a “park pilot,” meaning he or she is free to fly within the flight park without direct supervision.

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Hang 2: 
This hang gliding course is meant to be taken by pilots who already have, or will soon complete the H1 certification course. This is a comprehensive Hang Gliding course which contains the classroom requirements and instruction necessary to acquire the skills toward earning USHPA Hang 2 rating. Upon completion students will generally have received the required information to understand how and when to fly hang gliders as a novice to intermediate pilot.
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Training manual, log book and ride cards are sold separately.

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