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Hang Gliding Flight Park MapMorningside Flight Park, often considered one of the most complete flight parks in the country, sits among the Connecticut River Valley’s rolling hills in New Hampshire on land that must have been cosmically designed for hang gliding and paragliding. The property’s gently elevating slope has made it a world renowned training ground for beginners and a challenging launch site for experienced pilots. The park also offers tandem hang gliding, as well as aero-towing for solo pilots with the proper ratings.

Flying not for you? Make use of our state of the art zip-line course, Tippmann brand outdoor laser tag system, large selection of kayaks, ponds to fish and swim in or grill and picnic area. Our onsite camping options, complete with restroom and shower facilities, make it so you and your entire family can turn your adventure into a weekend getaway. We’re easily accessible via interstate highways and are within comfortable  reach of Boston, Hartford, Montreal, and New York. 


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Summer is nigh! The phone is beginning to ring & reservations are being made for the coming season. Don’t wait to make yours! Zipping, paddling, flying, camping …the fun returns MAY 1ST.

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Tandem Hang Gliding

Join us for a tandem aero-tow and enjoy the splendor of the Connecticut River Valley from the air! You'll experience the serenity of free flight on your first day with a professional pilot.

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