Thank Yous

A big thank you to Rob and Sandy for the amazing Columbus Day Weekend and Fly In event this year. The Music, Food, Fireworks, Dancing and more to the 1960’s and Woodstock theme was fantastic.  Also want to recognize the winners of the 2017 spot landing contest, in Hang gliding it was a new Pilot … Continued

Labor Day Weekend

Come celebrate the final days of summer and Labor Day with us this weekend. Don’t worry this isn’t the last of celebrations at Morningside, the Columbus Day Fly In is coming up soon. More Details on events, food and fireworks coming soon.

Park to Re-Open April 29 2017

Morningside Flight park is closed for the season We will re-open on April 29, 2017 For Safety all Hang gliding, Paragliding, and Powered Paragliding activity, including kiting in the LZ, is prohibited without express permission and Flight Park Managers on site. The Access road is also closed to all vehicles. If the Park Manager decides … Continued

Black Friday Deal 2016

Sorry if you missed it, congrats to those who called in. Stay tuned for other holiday sales and deals before spring 2017! You can still take advantage of Cyber Monday for more info click here or call 603-542-4416

Thank You for a Wonderful 2016 Season

Congratulations to all the new pilots and those who earned ratings in 2016. Welcome also to all the new students who have begun training. Thank you to all the patrons a visitors who came to camp, zip line, fish, or play laser tag this year as well. We look forward to seeing you again next … Continued

Columbus Day Fly-in

The end of the season is coming up but there is still one big event for free flight in New England.  The Annual Columbus Day party is coming up. click for more info

Parachute Toss clinic

Ever thrown a Parachute? Come hook into a simulator and toss your parachute this weekend. We will also have a school harness and parachute that we will have set up for everyone to practice an emergency toss with.   We hope no one ever needs to use an emergency parachute, but as a flight school … Continued

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