PPG Canopy Course

The Canopy Course is a great fit for students that want to “try before they buy” in terms of committing to the PPG Camp course. Once you have completed your Canopy Course you can decide if you want to roll your completed training into completing the remaining training for the PPG Camp.

New 2021 schedule coming soon!

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$999 - 5 lessons

PPG Canopy Foundation Course (new 2020)


5 half-day lessons

Fundamental to Powered Paragliding is the development of the skills required to maneuver and fly the wing or “Canopy” regardless of  if the motor is running. Our 5 Day Canopy course helps pilots focus on these necessary skills before committing to full motor program and provides the foundation to maximize the motor training.  Utilizing our amazing training slopes and facility, students enrolled in the Canopy course will learn techniques to layout, launch, fly, land and kite their paragliders with precision. Simulated throttle work, full PPG simulator access and video analysis are just part of this exciting new syllabus based on the USPPA’s PPG2 training platform. This program is a precursor but not a prerequisite for the complete PPG training program.

All equipment is included with this course.

The introductory PPG lesson cost can be rolled into this course.

Cost $999


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