Daily Flying During COVID-19

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The 2021 schedule is here!

We are heading back towards a normal season, but we hope to continue offering safe and healthy environment for our pilots to get outside and enjoy what we all love about Morningside as we begin our flying season in 2021!

Please reference this page for more information regarding participation and visitation with Morningside Flight Park during COVID-19.

updated 7/3/2021 10:00 AM

New Hampshire Governor Sununu issued “Best Business Practices”, which allows for the phased re-opening of certain businesses around New Hampshire until the end of May. As to be expected there aren’t any specific guidelines for a Hang Gliding or Paragliding facility, but there are important considerations to consider based on a number of guidelines that have been issued:

  • social distancing still in effect
  • reduced capacity of all facilities
  • cleaning & sanitation of common facilities
  • “cashless” transactions
  • gatherings limited to 50% capacity or fewer people
  • use of face masks, gloves and other PPE 

As we face these challenges, we ask that you be flexible and conscientious of everyone at the park, including all other customers, visitors and staff. Our goal is enable those want to use the park for outdoor activity the opportunity to do so in a safe and healthy manner.




We are taking reservations for “flying days”.

Each day will have 2 sessions for pilots to sign up for use of the hill. We will cap the use of the hill to 10 total HG or PG pilots per 4 hour flying session (9AM and 1PM). This will be available to Season Pass holders [PURCHASE SEASON PASS] and rated pilots who pay the daily flying fee. Morningside will provide rides up the hill at normal rates (no charge for hiking), and only Morningside approved staff/personnel will be permitted to drive the vehicles. Capacity for PG rides up the hill will be limited based on social distancing guidelines.


We are admitting students on a limited capacity. Students who have been in our program are offered priority booking before we open lessons up to new students.

If you are a new student interested in getting on the schedule for lessons, we recommend that you sign up as soon as possible. The schedule is likely to fill up very quickly.


Our runway is open for use as long as social distancing guidelines are being followed. Tandems are also being offered!


Camping is permitted now in the state. Please keep in mind that our bathrooms/showers/ kitchen area etc. are communal spaces and help us to keep them clean and sanitary.

The zipline and laser tag is open! Feel free to bring your own gloves to decrease sharing of those we provide. We ask that participants who are not vaccinated wear a mask.


 All staff and visitors are asked to wear face protection (masks) while inside if they are not vaccinated and we encourage everyone to social distance.

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